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Electronic Control Units

The heart of the fuel management system is the Electronic Control Unit.  The ECU reads the input data from the various sensors and adjusts the amount of fuel delivered to the engine.   Any malfunction of the ECU will result in anything from an intermittent engine hesitation to a no-start condition.

The Python Plus Electronic Control Unit
  • The circuit board(s) are checked both electronically and visually with the aid of a microscope. Any board that is burned, cracked, pitted, contains trace imperfection, or defective solder is repaired or discarded.
  • Each IC (monolithic integrated circuit) is tested.  Defective IC is replaced.
  • The resistors, diodes, coils, etc. located on the circuit board are thoroughly tested.  Any open, shorted or leaky components are replaced.
  • The final assembly is tested to meet OEM specifications and simulate on vehicle operations.

Download the ECU R&R Express form here.